Valk Fighter

Class/Type:Valkyrie Class Fighter
Designation: XF-3A
Mission Type: Attack/Intercept
Length: 22 meters
Wingspan: 25 meters

  • 2 Type X Phaser Cannons, Wing, Forward Mounted
  • 1 Type IX Phaser Cannon, Nose, Forward Mounted
  • 1 Microtorpedo Launcher, Ventral, Forward Mounted
  • 1 Special Mission Modular Hardpoint, Ventral Mounted


  • Emergency Speed: Warp 8 for 24 consecutive Hours.
  • Cruising Speed: Warp 5

Operational Limits:

  • Can operate in planetary atmosphere ranging from Class D to Class J

Crew Capacity:
1 Pilot.


  • Orca (XF-3O)- Lightly shielded, faster, more agile. Removes the Modular Hardpoint.
  • Gryphon (XF-3G)- Heavily Shielded, Less Armor, faster speed.
  • Scarab (XF-3S)- Heavier Shields and Hull, Less Speed.

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