Starfleet personnel are issued a series of service "ribbons" (in reality small, rectangular metal pins) with each medal they receive. In addition, they are issued an additional set of ribbons for unit citations, campaigns, major combat actions, combat actions against particular opponents, major exploratory expeditions, special certifications, dedicated service, and minor awards not otherwise authorized for issuance of full medals.

Personnel are expected to wear all issued ribbons with their dress uniforms, and for certain awards have the option to wear them on their duty uniforms as well.

For subsequent awards, raised devices are affixed to the ribbon indication multiple receipt of a single honor.

Ribbons are shown in order of precedence; for descriptions of each award, see: Starfleet Medals.

Starfleet Service Ribbons
Ribbon 001 MedalOfHonor Ribbon 002 MedalOfValor Ribbon 003 FederationCross Ribbon 004 FederationStar
Medal of Honor Medal of Valor Federation Cross Federation Star
Ribbon 005 DistinguishedServiceCross Ribbon 006 SilverStar Ribbon 007 SuperiorService Ribbon 008 LegionOfMerit
Distinguished Service Cross Silver Star Superior Service Medal Legion of Merit
Ribbon 009 OrderOfMerit Ribbon 010 Starcross Ribbon 011 SemperFidalisCross Ribbon 012 StarfleetMedal
Order of Merit Starcross Semper Fidalis Cross Starfleet Medal
Ribbon 013 BronzeStar Ribbon 014 PurpleHeart Ribbon 015 RedCrest Ribbon 016 GrankiteOrderOfTactics
Bronze Star Purple Heart Red Crest Grankite Order of Tactics
Ribbon 017 MeritoriousService Ribbon 018 PreantaresCluster Ribbon 019 KaragiteOrderOfHeroism Ribbon 020 ValorCross
Meritorious Service Medal Preantares Cluster Karagite Order of Heroism Valor Cross
Ribbon 021a Achievement Command Ribbon 021b Achievement FlightControl Ribbon 021c Achievement Tactical Ribbon 021f Achievement Operations
Command Achievement Medal Flight Control Achievement Medal Tactical Achievement Medal Operations Achievement Medal
Ribbon 021d Achievement Security Ribbon 021e Achievement Engineering Ribbon 021g Achievement Sciences Ribbon 021h Achievement Medical
Security Achievement Medal Engineering Achievement Medal Sciences Achievement Medal Medical Achievement Medal
Ribbon 021i Achievement Intelligence Ribbon 021j Achievement StarfighterOperations Ribbon 021k Achievement SFMC Ribbon 022 CommendationMedal
Intelligence Achievement Medal Starfleet Marine Corps Achievement Medal Starfighter Operations Achievement Medal Commendation Medal
Ribbon 023a Citation Presidential Ribbon 023b Citation Council Ribbon 023c Citation OutstandingUnit Ribbon 023d Citation CinC
Presidential Unit Citation Federation Council Unit Citation Outstanding Unit Citation Commander-in-Chief's Unit Citation
Ribbon 023e Citation SmallUnit Ribbon 024 AdmiralsStar Ribbon 025 CaptainsStar Ribbon 026 POW
Small Unit Citation Admiral's Star Captain's Star Prisoner of War Medal
Ribbon 027 SilverPalm Ribbon 028 CrossOfGallantry Ribbon 029 Readiness Ribbon 030 GoodConduct
Silver Palm Cross of Gallantry Readiness Medal Good Conduct Medal
Ribbon 031 Recognition Ribbon 032 DefenseService Ribbon 033 HumanitarianService Ribbon 034 VolunteerService
Recognition Ribbon Defense Service Medal Humanitarian Service Medal Volunteer Service Medal
Ribbon 035 CommandCluster Ribbon 036a StarfleetAcademyGraduate Top Ribbon 036b StarfleetAcademyGraduate Ribbon 036c StarfleetMarineAcademyGraduate Top
Command Cluster Starfleet Academy Ribbon (Top 5%) Starfleet Academy Ribbon Starfleet Marine Academy Ribbon (Top 5%)
Ribbon 036d StarfleetMarineAcademyGraduate Ribbon 036e WarrantOfficerGraduate Ribbon 036f ASchoolGraduate Ribbon 036g BasicTrainingGraduate
Starfleet Marine Academy Ribbon Starfleet Warrant Officer's Training Ribbon Starfleet A School Ribbon Starfleet Basic Training Ribbon
Ribbon 036h MarineBasicTrainingGraduate Ribbon 037 FirstContact Ribbon 039 CombatMerit
Starfleet Marine Basic Training Ribbon First Contact Ribbon (Expedition Ribbons) Combat Merit Ribbon
Ribbon 040e Victory Klingon2 Ribbon 040d Victory Dominion Ribbon 040c Victory Klingon1
(Campaign Ribbons) Second Klingon War Victory Ribbon Dominion War Victory Ribbon First Klingon War Victory Ribbon
Ribbon 040b Victory Cardassian Ribbon 040a Victory Tzenkethi
Cardassian War Victory Ribbon Tzenkethi War Victory Ribbon (Battle Clusters) (Battle Ribbons)
Ribbon 042 DedicatedService Ribbon 043 Reserve Ribbon 044a Certification Bridge Ribbon 044b Certification CombatInfantry
Dedicated Service Ribbon Reserve Medal Bridge Officer's Certification Combat Infantry Badge
Ribbon 044c Certification Wings Ribbon 044d1 Certification EliteMarksman Ribbon 044d2 Certification ExpertMarksman Ribbon 044e Certification Medic
Pilot's Wings Elite Marksmanship Badge Expert Marksmanship Badge Medic Certification
Ribbon 044f Certification DamageControl Ribbon 044g Certification Instructor
Damage Control Certification Instructor's Badge

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