The Naruu (plural ) are one of two native species of Man'ari, as the United Federation of Planets designates their homeworld. The Naruu call their home world Argus. The Ered'ruin live in a symbiotic relationship with the Ered'ruin.

Little is known about the Naruu, save that they are telepathic, and resemble a crystaline wind chime floating around a small intense star. Their lifespans span multiple Ered'ruin generations.

Each Naruu forms a strong relationships with individual Eredar, chosen for their telepathic abilities, which lasts the lifetime of the Eredar. Generally, there are two of primary importance. One Eredar, called the Speaker for the Naruu, serves primarily as the Naruu's voice to non-telepathic individuals. The other, called the Champion of the Naruu, provides for the physical safety of the individual Naruu.

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