Designation: Mortemonde
Location The Triangle
Beta Quadrant
Classification: Terrestrial, Class M
Satellites: Azuluna
Orbital Period: 26 hours
~1 years
Surface Gravity: ~0.99876 g
Average Temperature: ~230 K
Surface Atmospheric Pressure: ~100 kPa (~1 atm)
Atmospheric Composition: 70.1% Nitrogen
23% Oxygen
6% 254 Trioxin
1% Argon
Population: 510,000 thousand
Political Alignment: United Federation of Planets (stardate 2377.913)
Demonym: Mortemondean

outlying area of capitol

Mortemonde is the homeworld of the Mortemondean people.


A cool temperate planet located in the region of overlapping interests of the Federation, former Romulan Empire, and Klingon Empire. It has three primary landmasses with several sizable islands with most inhabiting the facing areas of the two long continents. A large grouping of populace who's still more or less iffy on the Federation has set up their own area on the northernmost continent.

There is no antipathy between the assorted beliefs, just more a keeping to their own for now.

There is a vast ocean turbulence called by all 'the Whirlpool' and is believed to have been created during the downing of a Klingon ship or a possible comet strike. It is considered a research tourist point for observation.

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