Sleeve red crewman
Posting: USS Miranda, NCC-77000
Position: Steward
Species: Mortemondean
Gender: Male

Personal DetailsEdit

Admitting that he was never much of a fighter, Dorian's abilities lead more to scavenging and improvising. He also admits that Knish was not the last name he was born with, but is the name of a type of dumpling he'd always been able to make no matter how scarce food was.

Personality ProfileEdit

Rather amicable, especially around other Mortemondeans. While he enjoys his time in 'Fleet, he does wish that someday families will be allowed to come on starships.

Special NotesEdit

Tends to be a bit of a traditionalist.

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Miscellaneous InformationEdit


Has a wife, Gina and currently three children.

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Uniform duty red crewman Uniform dress red crewman Uniform utility red crewman Uniform steward red crewman