Centuries: Distant Past 1st Century

It should be noted that, due to the scale of time involved, most of these dates are approximations.

Billions of years agoEdit

13.7 billion years agoEdit

  • The universe is formed in the instantaneous expansion that has come to be known as the "Big Bang".

9 billion years agoEdit

  • The Black Cluster is formed by the collapse of multiple protostars in close proximity to each other.

7.5 billion years agoEdit

  • An advanced civilization on UFC 522-IV vanishes without a trace. Their civilization remains the oldest known to exist.

6 billion years agoEdit

5.5 billion years agoEdit

  • The planet Halka is created by the confluence of shock-waves from two supernovas occurring only 27 light-years apart and within months of each other, resulting in the largest known quantity of dilithium in the known galaxy.

5 billion years agoEdit

  • The star Sol begins to form.

4.5 billion years agoEdit

4.1 billion years agoEdit

  • The earliest forms of life on Earth date from this period.

Millions of years agoEdit

400 million years agoEdit

  • Eyrops, the last common ancestor between warm- and cold-blooded organisms, goes extinct on Earth.

87 million years agoEdit

  • The Darsay will construct a massive space-borne archive. Eventually, it will drift into inter-stellar space, where it will be mistaken for a comet.

65 million years agoEdit

  • The dinosaurs go extinct on Earth after an asteroid impact in the Yucatan peninsula.
    • Some survivors of the impact eventually leave the planet by unknown means and eventually evolve into the Voth.
    • Another group of survivors of the highly-evolved and borderline-sentient Troodon species is removed from the planet by an unknown race (probably The Preservers, though this predates all other known Preserver activity by tens-of-millions of years) and seeded to the planet Rua, where they evolve into the species calling themselves Clan Ru.

20 million years agoEdit

12 million years agoEdit

6 million years agoEdit

2 million years agoEdit

  • The Preservers embark on an extended period of "seeding" of carbon-based lifeforms. They take a particular interest in Humans, spreading them from Earth to at least seven other known worlds.

1.9 million years agoEdit

  • An asteroid impacts the Cetacean homeworld, resulting in the destruction of the humanoid societies on the land. The survivors of the cataclysm would emigrate (with the aid of the Cetaceans) and found the Erisian Ascendancy.

Hundreds of thousands of years agoEdit

997,800 b.c.e.Edit

597,636 b.c.e.Edit

500,000 b.c.e.Edit

  • The earliest civilization emerges on Bajor.

497,710 b.c.e.Edit

  • The Cetacean Probe is constructed for the purpose of finding life similar to its creators.

497,620 b.c.eEdit

495,000 b.c.e.Edit

197,725 b.c.e.Edit

197,635 b.c.e.Edit

  • The Iconians are destroyed in the orbital bombardment of their homeworld.

100,000 b.c.e.Edit

  • A Dyson Sphere is constructed by an unknown race. An area of 200 cubic light-years is mined for its construction, resulting in an unpopulated area surrounding the object known as the Great Wall Void.
  • The Preservers establish a system of underground tectonic regulators on the previously-unstable planet Evora, making the planet suitable for the intelligent life evolving there.

Tens of thousands of years agoEdit

97,800 b.c.e.Edit

  • Nuclear war drives the survivors of the Talosian civilization underground on Talos IV. Though the species develops phenomenal mental powers, they gradually lose their ancestors' technological capabilities.

97,710 b.c.e.Edit

  • The Erisian Ascendancy evacuates all of its worlds for unknown reasons and promptly vanishes.

48,000 b.c.e.Edit

43,000 b.c.e.Edit

  • Extraterrestrial visitors, known as the "Sky Spirits", visit a people on Earth who become the indigenous inhabitants of America.

35,000 b.c.e.Edit

30,000 b.c.e.Edit

  • Ohalu is contacted by the Prophets on Bajor and writes a series of prophesies that are considered heretical, but gain a small cult following that survives for millennia.

23,000 b.c.e.Edit

20,000 b.c.e.Edit

18,000 b.c.e.Edit

  • The First Republic ends on Bajor.

17,600 b.c.e.Edit

  • General knowledge of B'hala's existence ends on Bajor.

10,000 b.c.e.Edit

9,000 b.c.e.Edit

8,000 b.c.e.Edit

7,735 b.c.e.Edit

  • The Fabrini star goes nova; they evacuate their culture in a giant hollowed-out asteroid ship called Yonada, which will travel for nearly ten-thousand years.

Thousands of years agoEdit

4,527 b.c.e.Edit

  • The first Borg are created on Arehaz in the Delta Quadrant after a mad Caeliar known as Sedin absorbs several Humans who have been sent back in time alongside him from the year 2168. The new Borg immediately assimilate the Kindir.

4,000 b.c.e.Edit

  • Several humans are taken from Earth and genetically altered by the Aegis, ostensibly to prevent the complete destruction of humanity in the early technological age. Gary Seven is among the descendants of this group.

3,834 b.c.e.Edit

2,738 b.c.e.Edit

  • Apollo arrives on Earth. He is followed by several other members of the advanced race known as The Beings, who will be the basis for several cultures' polytheistic religions.

933 b.c.e.Edit

630 b.c.e.Edit

239 b.c.e.Edit

  • The Eeiauoans are exiled from Sivao for unsuitable uses of technology.

67 b.c.e.Edit

4 b.c.e.Edit

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