Sleeve red culinary specialist 2
Posting: USS Miranda, NCC-77000
Position: Captain's Mess Cook
Species: Mortemondean
Gender: Male

Personal DetailsEdit

Typical of vagabonda Mortemondeans, Damon's past on file starts after he made the Choice. His build and demeanor along with fellow crew having witnessed him able to cleave a beef carcass with one blow suggest he was some variant of a heavy melee arms soldier.

Personality ProfileEdit

To his superiors, he is polite and courteous, however to those of lower rank he is a bit of an ass. To other Mortemondeans, he does dangerously skirt the rules of Choice with treatment as it can be with the positions held prior to making the Choice. He has made it pretty obvious to the other Mortemondeans that he was somewhere in the leadership rankings and while he's voluntarily stepped away from that, he does still hold some of those conventions.

Special NotesEdit

Does have the learned 'dual throat' ability with his voice, and doesn't hesitate to throw that around to a Mortemondean he feels is inferior to him.

Service RecordEdit

Starfleet DecorationsEdit


Miscellaneous InformationEdit


Has a sister, Kaylie who is married to a Romulan Centurion named Dalenor. The couple currently have four children.

Personal InterestsEdit

Cooking and Food Presentations, Killing Klingons.

Linguistic ProficiencyEdit

Federation Standard, Mortemondean, Rihan Romulan, Terran English, Terran Cajun, Terran French, Klingonese. Does know a smattering of other words in assorted languages, but not to any full conversational fluency.


Uniform duty red po 2 Uniform dress red po 2 Uniform utility red po 2

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