Designation: D'Korin
Location Taurus Sector, Romulan Front, Klingon Space
Classification: Terrestrial, Class M (Marginal)
Date Discovered: stardate 2258.305
Satellites: D'Keth Moon, D'Korin Shipyards, Starbased HoD
Orbital Period: Daily Rotaiton: 30.72 Hours
Solar Orbit: 302.751 days (Terran)
Mean Radius: 5,500 km
Mass: 5.7529 x 1024 kg
Surface Gravity: 1.572 g
Average Temperature: 95 F
Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 1075 hPa (31.74 inHg)
Atmospheric Composition: 75.1% Nitrogen
22.0% Oxygen
2.9% Other Gases
Population: 200 million (Mostly Jeg'pu'Wi and POW Forced Labor)
Capital Jorneb
Warp Capable stardate 953.55
Political Alignment: Klingon Empire
Demonym: Klingon

A Planet on the Klingon - Federation border in the Taurus Reach.


  • Jorneb - Planetary Capital

Continent 1Edit

  • D'Korin Prime - Main continent roughly the size of Eurasia on Earth. Primary industrial and manufacturing area to support the orbital shipyards and starbase.

Continent 2Edit

  • D'Korin'cha - Secondary continent roughly the size of North America on Earth. Desolate. Primary mining and smelting facilities to feed raw materials to the industrial bases on D'Korin Prime.

Major IslandsEdit

  • Various scattered islands that are nearly inhospitable to humanoid life. Used as penal colonies for Offenders of the Empire who are known troublemakers.

Places of NoteEdit

Jorneb (Planetary Capital)Edit

Jorneb Industrial CenterEdit

Starbase JornebHoDEdit

  • The "Star of Jorneb" starbase remains in a fixed geosync orbit directly above the Captial of Jorneb. Distribution center for the shipyards.

D'Korin ShipyardsEdit

  • The shipyards are a construction site for B'Rel Class Bird of Preys.
  • Repair Facilities can accomodate all classes of ships including the Klingons Chancellor Class.

POW CampsEdit

  • Jorneb Camp I:
  • Jorneb Camp II:
  • Industrial Camps:
  • Mining Camps:

People of NoteEdit

Noteable EngagementsEdit

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