The Chief Medical Officer is the senior-most member of any Starfleet starship's Medical division. This officer is also a member of the Senior Staff. They oversee the Medical department, which includes, among others, the General Medical, Counseling, Nursing, Paramedical and Surgical divisions. They also advise the Commanding Officer on crew health and wellness. In addition to practicing general medicine, the CMO is often the Ship's Surgeon, though not always. The Chief Medical Officer has the final say in matters pertaining to crew health, and may order an officer or crewman to be relieved if in his professional judgement the officer is medically unfit to man their post. The Assistant Chief Medical Officer, all ship's Physicians, the Head Nurse, the Head Paramedic, and the Ship's Counselor report to this officer, who in turn reports to either the Executive Officer or the Commanding Officer.