General Background Edit

Anti-Starship Warfare (ASW) is a branch of Interstellar Warfare that uses warships, starfighters, shuttlecraft, satellites and listening posts in order to find, track and deter, damage or destroy enemy starships. This practice has evovled from many species' practices of surface naval warfare in which similar practices were used in hunting for enemy submarines in a three dimensional area.

Like many forms of warfare, successful anti-starship warfare depends on a mix of sensory and weapons technology, stealth technology, training, experience, and (in some cases) sheer dumb luck. Sensory equipment are used first for detecting and classifying, then locating and tracking target starships is a key element of ASW. Then to damage, destroy, or deter said target ship, a variety of methods can be used such as warship-warship battle, starfighter-warship hunting, or even Surface-to-Orbit bombardment should a target be in close proximity to a planetary body with Orbital Guns. Anti-Starship Warfare often also involves protecting friendly ships with screens of either escorts or starfighters.

Anti-Starship Warfare Officer Edit

An Anti-Starship Warfare Officer (ASWO) is either a Warrant Officer or Commissioned Officer who usually sits in the co-pilot's seat of a starfighter and has specialized sensor screens and weapons boards in order to perform their duties. The duties include the early detection of target starships or starfighters, electronic countermeasures, armament of weapons, advanced targeting, secondary navigation, and in-flight maintenence of their starfighter. Once a target has been acquired, they will select a pinpoint target on a capital warship that will do the most damage and allocate the weapons needed in order to create the needed effect, such as targeting engines, weapons, or deflector systems of an enemy starship.

In cases of emergency, an ASWO can assume control of their starfighter in order to pilot it back to their base of operations. This is usually done in cases where the pilot-in-command is knocked out of commission.

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