Centuries: 22nd Century 23rd Century 24th Century
Years: 2257 2258 2259



  • 9: The Narada, missing since destroying the USS Kelvin in 2233, destroys forty-seven Klingon ships at Rura Penthe.
  • 10: James Tiberius Kirk beats the infamous Kobayashi Maru no-win scenario. Several hours later the Narada appears over Vulcan, destroying seven Starfleet ships that arrive to protect the planet. Only the Enterprise survives. The Narada drills a hole into the core of Vulcan, and inserts a canister of Red Matter into the center of the planet. A black hole forms, destroying the planet. Only about 10,000 Vulcans survive. Among the dead is Amanda Grayson, the Human mother of Enterprise Executive Officer Spock and wife to Sarek, the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth. Captain Christopher Pike is taken prisoner by Nero; the captain of the Narada; Commander Spock is named acting Commanding Officer, with Cadet Kirk as acting executive officer.
  • 11: Spock orders the Enterprise to rendezvous with the fleet in the Laurentian System, a move opposed by his acting XO. In response to a heated debate on the bridge, Spock orders Kirk removed from the ship, and maroons him on Delta Vega. Also on this planet is a version of Spock himself from the same alternate future as the Narada, stranded there by Nero. After this Spock tells Kirk the truth of what they face, the pair hike to a nearby Starfleet outpost manned by Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott, and Spock modifies Scott's formula for Transwarp Beaming to make it functional. At this point Kirk and Scott beam to the Enterprise, where Kirk relieves Spock of command under Starfleet Regulation 619 and orders the Enterprise to follow the Narada to Earth.
  • 12: Using a strategy formulated by Ensign Pavel Chekov, the Enterprise comes out of warp behind Saturn's moon of Titan, and Kirk and Spock beam onto the Narada. Kirk rescues Captain Pike, while Spock steals the Jellyfish (the ship belonging to his alternate-reality counter-part and containing the red matter generator). Piloting this ship in a collision course with the Rihannsu vessel, Spock allows the red matter to be released, while 'Commander Scott transports Kirk, Spock, and Pike onto the Enterprise, which destroys the remains of the Narada.
  • 13: Christopher Pike is promoted to Admiral, and James Kirk receives the unprecedented promotion from Cadet to Captain and given command of the Enterprise. Spock remains aboard as Executive Officer.
  • 14: Jonathan Archer dies in his home in upstate New York.











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