Centuries: 21st Century 22nd Century 23rd Century
Years: 2154 2155 2156



  • 23: An attack by the Rihannsu Star Empire on Coridan costs the lives of half-a-billion of the planet's citizens. It takes a century to recover.





  • 12: The E.C.S. Horizon vanishes after an encounter with the Rihannsu.


  • 15: Alpha Centauri and Draylax join the Coalition of Planets
  • 20: In the Gamma Hydra system, the Enterprise responds to a distress call from the freighter Kobayashi Maru. When the ship begins to suffer from the effects of a Rihannsu tele-capture device and find themselves confronting a large number of Rihannsu-controlled Klingon ships, they are forced to abandon the freighter to its fate.
  • 22: The Earth-Romulan War officially starts with the declaration of war against the Rihannsu Star Empire by the Coalition of Planets after the Battle of Gamma Hydra results in the loss of the civilian freighter Kobayashi Maru.
  • 28: Vulcan Administrator T'Pau informs the leaders of United Earth that the Vulcan involvement in the war will be material support rather than military involvement. While most Humans see this as a betrayal of the Coalition Compact, the reality is that, in addition to the Vulcans' desire to hide their relation to the Rihanna, their similarities mean that their ships are particularly vulnerable to the Rihannsu tele-capture system. The Vulcans immediately begin to construct early warning systems around Human systems.






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